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Joy makes dentistry fun!

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When Should Kids See A Dentist?

Children should have dental visits every 6 months! Good oral hygiene habits can save a lot of pain, time, and money in the long run.

Your child needs a dentist immediately if they have:

  • Tooth pain
  • Visible tooth decay
  • Swelling in gums or face
  • Injury to teeth or surrounding tissues after a fall or accident
Little girl brushing her teeth.

Little Smiles At Joy

At Joy Dental, we are selective about our tools and technologies:

  • Quick, tooth-coloured fillings
  • Simple digital x-rays
  • Pulp healing methods - avoids extractions
  • Fun, engaging cleaning sessions
Shot from the patient's perspective, seated in the dentist chair: dentist is adjusting the light and holding his tools in preparation for an examination.

Our Clinic Facilities

Thanks to our comfortable environment, the whole family can enjoy trips to the dentist.

Joy offices feature:

  • Spacious reception lounge
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Bright, modern restrooms (most locations)
  • Ultrasonic & autoclave sterilisation
Modern dental chair and related dental equipment in office.

Our Kids’ Dental Services

Kids’ routine checkup

Routine dentist visits are a key part of children’s health.

During a regular dental check up for kids, we will do a full dental examination and may take x-rays if required. We will explain your child’s condition and treatment needs and provide routine cleaning if no other treatment is required.

Scale and polish

Your child should regularly get a thorough cleaning from a professional, in addition to regular brushing and flossing.

It is during such visits that your child builds up their confidence in seeing a dentist regularly and forms healthy oral care habits for life!

Fillings - for cavities

If your child has tooth decay (known as caries or cavities), they’ll need a pediatric dental filling to limit and repair the damage.

We only use tooth-coloured filling material that is aesthetic and non-toxic.

Vital Pulp Therapy - baby root canal

For tooth damage or decay that is close to or only just reached the tooth pulp, Joy is pleased to offer pulp therapy (pulpotomy) for kids.

This is a less invasive alternative to root canal treatment for children that can be done to preserve baby teeth.

Teeth extraction

When a child’s tooth cannot be saved, we offer careful, gentle pediatric tooth removal.

Sometimes, Joy dentists also recommend extractions of baby teeth that are preventing the proper eruption of the underlying adult teeth.

Kids’ dental crowns - restorations

A pediatric dental stainless steel crown is often needed:

  • After a pulpotomy or pediatric root canal treatment
  • to support a badly decayed and damaged tooth.
  • to keep the baby teeth until the adult tooth comes in.

It is important to keep the baby tooth in order to maintain space for the adult tooth to come in. Early extractions of baby teeth can result in future dental problems that can be difficult and costly to fix.


Need an affordable kids’ dental clinic for orthodontics? We provide age-specific kids’ braces and kids’ Invisalign®.


Kid’s Dental Fees


From $40

Before GST

Scale and Polish

From $60

Before GST


From $70

Before GST


From $20

Before GST


From $90

Before GST

We are happy to offer financing for kids’ dental treatment!
*Subject to eligibility and limits.
*Fee is for a standard case. Does not include additional measures for complex cases, of which you will be informed and asked for consent prior to the procedure.


CHAS Subsidies

Claim amounts per procedure


Covers surgical dental procedures only*.

Baby Bonus Scheme (CDA)

You must bring identification documents and the NETS-CDA card to each visit.


Orange – not applicable
Blue cards cover:
Consultation – $20.5
X-ray – $11
Scaling – $30
Polish – $20.5
Fluoride – $20.5

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