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Whether you just want your teeth checked or you need any general dentistry treatment, at Joy Dental, everything is designed to make appointments fuss-free and enjoyable.

Dentist discusses with patient, holding teeth model and toothbrush.

Why Do I Need To Visit A Dentist?

Regular cleaning and inspection from a dentist to ensures no tooth decay or other dental problems are developing. If tooth damage is left unchecked, you may have to endure:

  • Painful tooth damage
  • Risks of infection
  • The cost of avoidable procedures
Dentist discusses with patient, holding teeth model and toothbrush.

Our Tools And Technology

We invest in up-to-date equipment. Every detail makes a difference in your treatment’s success!

  • 3Shape Intraoral 3D scanner
  • Digital x-rays and orthodontics software
  • ProTaper Gold and WaveOne Gold files
  • X-Smart IQ cordless handpiece
  • Dental operating microscope
Smiling woman holding teeth model and toothbrush.

Clinic Facilities

A comfortable environment creates an ideal experience.

Our clinics feature:

  • Ergonomic dental chairs
  • Comfortable reception area
  • Wheelchair accessible rooms
  • Bright, modern restrooms
  • Hospital-grade sterilisation equipment
Modern dental chair and related dental equipment in office.

General Dental Services

About general dentistry

Good oral hygiene and quality dental care are important to overall health. Joy offers comprehensive dental services at all 6 dental clinics in Singapore.

Routine exam

Get a routine dental checkup and cleaning – it’s quick and simple!

You’ll receive a complete examination, dental imaging if needed, and a dental cleaning to keep your teeth fresh and healthy.

Scale and polish

It’s important to get scaling and polishing from a dental hygienist, in addition to regular brushing and flossing.

Any built-up plaque and tartar (calculus) should be removed every 6 months.

Fillings - for cavities

We offer tooth fillings in natural colours for an aesthetic appearance, as well as metal fillings.

If dental cavities (caries) are not cleaned and filled, decay wears down the teeth, leading to pain and infection.

Inlays and onlays

These partial restorations are somewhere in between a filling and a crown. They offer more support than a filling but less coverage than a crown, and are made of metal alloy or porcelain.

An onlay covers the tooth cusp, while an inlay only fills the area between cusps. They’re great for restoring chipped or broken front teeth.

We also offer crowns and bridges, for restoring entire or multiple teeth.

Imaging - X-rays and scans

Joy Dental uses digital radiography for precise dental imaging and less wait time. We can also use CBCT scans for a detailed 3D view.

We assess your dental imaging as part of dental check ups, or separately as required (for example, if you have a mouth injury or need dental surgery).

Root canal treatment

If your tooth is very decayed and causing you severe pain, you may have pulpitis. A root canal treatment cleans out infected tooth pulp and seals the inner tooth.

Vital Pulp Therapy is a recently developed, less invasive root canal alternative, for tooth damage that has not yet reached the tooth roots.

Tooth extraction

When the decay or damage is severe, you may need a tooth removal. We take a gentle approach to anaesthetic to ensure you’re comfortable during the procedure.

Joy dentists are also experienced in wisdom tooth removal (wisdom tooth surgery) and dental implants.

Other services

Kids’ dentistry

  • Monitor your child’s oral health and development.

Teeth whitening

  • Refresh the colour of your smile.

General Dental Fees


From $30

Before GST

Scaling And Polishing

From $80

Before GST


From $80

Before GST

Simple Extraction

From $90

Before GST

We offer subsidies and monthly instalments for dental care! Call us for details.

*Fee is for a standard routine procedure; complex needs notwithstanding. Does not include additional measures for complex cases, including any CT scan, etc. You will be asked for consent in advance of any said procedures.


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