A fresh, bright smile with safe teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening can boost your confidence and bring out the best in your appearance.

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What is Tooth Whitening?

Professional whitening at Joy offers a safe, concentrated gel, dentist guidance, and stable results. We use the VITA Toothguide 3D-MASTER® to select the ideal color for your smile.

Factors in tooth enamel becoming darker can be:

  • Age-related
  • Intrinsic - internal or genetic
  • Extrinsic - external or related to food, smoking, etc.
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21st-Century Whitening

At Joy Dental, we invest in up-to-date dental technology for optimal results.

  • Whitening gel formulated for easy use
  • Conservative treatment- no shaving of teeth
  • Dental photography to record baseline and results
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Our Teeth Whitening Treatments

At-home whitening kits
Conveniently enhance your smile, from the comfort of home. We use powerful Opalescence whitening gels, together with customised trays to ensure maximum effectiveness.

In-office teeth whitening
The classic whitening procedure for brightening the shade of your natural smile.

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How does tooth whitening work?

The whitening process uses a bleaching agent — hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Oxygen molecules in the gel allow it to:

  • Enter the enamel
  • Bond to stains
  • Chemically react
  • Remove the tooth discolouration

You can whiten your natural teeth with treatments like strips, trays, toothpaste, and in-chair whitening. However, over-the-counter products are not as safe or effective as teeth whitening options from a dentist.

How long does tooth whitening take?

Each in-office whitening cycle is complete in under an hour, while take-home whitening kits take a few weeks (usually 2 weeks) for comparable results.

How long does tooth whitening last?

Your results can last for up to 2 to 3 years, although everyone varies depending on diet and dental care.

While it’s not permanent, it can have a lasting effect on your confidence — especially at important moments like a wedding or job interview.

Does teeth whitening hurt?

No, whitening treatment doesn’t hurt. Joy Dentists are very careful and conservative with the whitening gel to avoid tooth damage, whether in-clinic or for at-home use.

Teeth may be mildly sensitive following the treatment, but this dissipates quickly, especially with the help of sensitive toothpaste use.

Who is suitable for teeth whitening?

Almost anyone can get whitening procedures, as long as you do not have conflicting major dental issues. It’s great for those who have events coming up or after orthodontic treatment.

Can I do spot treatment on teeth?

Yes, we offer whitening for specific areas on your teeth! For targeted partial whitening, our Icon® Resin Infiltration treatment is a great solution.

Do you offer other cosmetic dentistry?

Whitening is considered a very conservative cosmetic dental procedure.

Should your unique condition require more complex treatment, you may be recommended to straighten your smile with braces or Invisalign® under the care of our in-house orthodontic specialist. Other treatments include veneers, crowns, or bridges to improve your smile where appropriate.


Teeth Whitening Cost

Take-home Kits

From $500*

Before GST


  • Consultation**
  • Treatment plan
  • Custom or pre-made tray sets

In-office Session

From $1000*

Before GST


  • Consultation**
  • Treatment plan
  • Scaling
  • In-chair whitening

*Fee is for a standard case. Does not include any additional measures for complex cases.
**If commitment to proceed with treatment is made on that day.


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