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What Is Wisdom Tooth Removal?

It is a common procedure where a dentist extracts wisdom teeth that are problematic or likely to become problematic.

If your wisdom tooth hurts:
You should have the source of pain resolved as soon as possible.

Even if your wisdom teeth don’t hurt:
The dentist may estimate that your wisdom teeth will affect your neighbouring teeth and overall oral health. In such cases, problematic teeth are removed.

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Modern Treatment For Wisdom Teeth

Joy Dental helps you have a comfortable and effective procedure:

  • 3D and digital imaging
  • Effective anaesthesia
  • Conservative and speedy
  • Minimal post-operative discomfort

To ensure your peace of mind, our instruments undergo an additional ultrasonic cleansing step before hospital-grade autoclave sterilization.

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What are wisdom teeth and why do we remove them?

They are the last teeth to grow in (erupt), appearing in the back of the mouth at around ages 17-21.

Long ago, humans used these “third molars” to eat raw foods. We no longer need these teeth and have evolved to have smaller jaws.

They can cause severe pain and affect nearby teeth, especially if they grow in crooked or impacted (below the gum line).

Do I need my wisdom teeth pulled?

Wisdom teeth should be removed when they risk or cause issues with your dental health, such as:

  • Tooth decay (cavities)
  • Infection or abscesses of the surrounding gums (pericoronitis)
  • Cysts associated with the wisdom tooth
  • Impaction, leading to bacterial accumulation
  • Bite problems

Symptoms of a wisdom tooth problem include:

  • Tooth or jaw pain
  • Headaches
  • Swelling in gums and face
  • Sensitivity to pressure
  • Bumps on gums

You may not have symptoms at first. Get examined by a dentist.

How does wisdom tooth extraction work?

Here’s what to expect when removing wisdom teeth at Joy Dental:


  • We take digital x-rays, and sometimes 3D CBCT scans.
  • We assess the condition of your third molars before informing you of your treatment choices.

Removal Procedure(s):

  • We administer local anaesthesia.
  • If possible, a simple extraction using dental forceps or elevators will be the preferred removal method.
  • If surgery is needed, a small surgical incision is made, followed by removal of any blockage from the surrounding bone, and sectioning the wisdom tooth into smaller pieces for removal.
  • If needed, a few stitches are placed to ensure good wound closure and reduction of bleeding.
  • We apply gauze and explain your aftercare after your procedure is completed.

Do I need surgery to remove wisdom teeth?

Extractions can be a simple or a surgical procedure. If you have a crooked or impacted wisdom tooth, our dentists may need to make a small incision in the gumline to effectively remove it.

Joy Dental takes a conservative approach to tooth extractions. We only remove teeth that are actively causing or likely to cause you pain or dental health issues.

Is wisdom tooth surgery painful?

These days, the procedure is relatively painless, with very little discomfort. We administer local anaesthesia, using a patient and comfortable approach to make you feel at ease. Afterwards, you’ll receive pain medication.

How long does wisdom tooth surgery take?

Most wisdom teeth extractions take under an hour, even if removing all 4 wisdom teeth. You may spend as little as 10-20 minutes in the dental chair per tooth!

The procedure is sometimes split into 2 appointments. Complex cases, such as severely impacted wisdom teeth, may require more time.

What is the aftercare for a wisdom tooth procedure?

The wisdom tooth extraction recovery period is usually around 3 to 4 days. Many patients resume work or school within a day.

There may be some soreness, swelling, and minor bleeding, but regular use of medication as prescribed, ice pack, warm salt water, and gauze do help the healing process.


Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost


From $150-350*

Before GST


From $800-1,250*

Before GST


  • Consultation**
  • Imaging
  • Local anaesthetic
  • Medication
  • Wisdom tooth removal procedure

*Fee is per tooth and subject to severity of case. Does not include optional sedation or any additional measures for complex cases (including CT scan and preparatory procedures such as gum treatment or bone growth stimulation).

**If commitment to proceed with treatment is made on that day.

**Up to 4 extractions per calendar year. Shared across all types of extractions.


Routine Extraction

Claim amounts per procedure

CHAS Blue**

From $28.50 to $38.50

Mederka Generation**

From $33.5 to 73.50

Pioneer Generation*

From $38.5 to 78.50

Surgical Extraction

Claim amounts per procedure


Up to $1000 + deductible

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